Build staking products
for you users with Nodamatics
Focus on your user experience while Nodamatics provides the rest - secure white-label validators via
non-custodial API

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Introducing non-custodial enterprise staking service

  • 24/7 monitored enterprise-grade multi-cloud infrastructure
  • Quick integration with new protocols on customer enquiry
  • Staking API guides your systems through the whole staking process from stake to claim, restake and analytics gathering
  • With us you can easily keep enough validators up and running to prevent partial or complete loss of reward
  • White-label nodes with your on-chain brain identity
  • Fully automatic private key management without human interaction
  • Quick testnet deployment or you can use our own testnet networks for your staging environments
  • Maximize staking returns by compound function built into Nodmatics API

Bank-grade risk management

Robust and flexible client-centric API

Supported Blockchain Networks

About us

Nodamatics is a trusted infrastructure partner for proof-of-stake blockchain networks.
We are a working on the edge of blockchain and cloud technologies and we are active contributors into the experience of Proof-of-Stake blockchain networks.
It means that we care not only about staking but about rewards, voting, tuning as well.

Our operating principles

Bank-grade risk management

Our clients don't take on unknown risks when dealing with us

Simplifying the complicated

We make validation and staking as simple as online shopping.


We have strong commitment to clarity and transparency of our operations.

Ongoing education

We strive to explain and educate our clients about the growing world of staking via unique online content